Cloud Technology

motownflash Cloud TechnologyMany people today have heard about cloud technology and basically all it is, is the ability to save huge amounts of data in what has been called a cloud but is in fact just a very large data storage facility that is located online and can be accessed from anywhere online at any time, provided that the person wishing to access that particular data has the appropriate password for that particular account. This means that data stored in the cloud from one device, can be accessed from a different device, anywhere, provided that the person using each of the devices knows the relevant password. This is particularly useful for businesses which may have representatives on the road as they can access the that business’s cloud to get up to the minute details on what is happening and therefore no longer have to rely on data they uploaded before leaving the office, still being current.

It also of course means that if staffs from any businesses are located at different facilities, they can still access up to the minute data from other facilities which may not have otherwise been linked into their circuit. For personal use a cloud facility can also be very useful as apart from storing documents, the cloud account can store photos or music, allowing you access to a far larger choice of music than you may otherwise have had handy on your hand held device, providing of course you have internet access. Apple has their own cloud which has been developed for use with its products and you can learn more about that at The beauty perhaps for an individual user is that if that user has more than one device, they can access any information on any one of those devices, from the other devices easily without the need for continual uploads, downloads or transfers, merely access the data you want from the cloud, from the device where you want it to be.

Obviously businesses will want more storage capacity than most individuals but that is not a problem as the cloud has almost unlimited space and so you can pay for as much space as you think you will need. This means that as a business hopefully expends, extending its sales and accounting documents that go with those sales, they merely need to increase the amount of space they pay for in the cloud. Today though almost everything is done online and so that means that all of us or at least most of us, could use some extra space for keeping documents, photos or perhaps music and so we can buy an amount of space which we think will be appropriate for our needs. If for instance we have a large volume of music on our PC at home, when we go out we do not have to download what we think we may need on to our portable device, we merely access the cloud from our portable device when we are at the venue and then make our selections from there.